Monday, April 6, 2009

ughhh I have been so lazy… here is a bit of a plan for me inshallah…

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I have been bad bad BAD about blogging!! its mainly because I haven’t 100% been doing as good as I would like and I don’t want to have to admit it…but I have to just admit it and move on to doing better inshallah.

I haven’t gotten on the treadmill yet, and I finally went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a huge load of veggies and fruits. I am going to try for a more vegetarian diet, but totally not strict or anything.

I also bought those plastic popsicle molds so I will inshallah be freezing 100% fruit juices in them as an icy treat because ice cream is one of my weaknesses so inshallah this will satisfy it enough.

I am going to get the Chalean Extreme progam like sis Muslimah on a Diet and do that and some treadmill walking for my workouts. I normally would like to do intensive cardio but since my toe is not fully healed from being fractured, I will at least be working out hard in strength training… its a start until I can full out do cardio like I would like to.

alrighty, I neeeed to go to bed so I have more motivation to workout tomorrow (on the treadmill) inshallah! if I wake up too late I lose all motivation to exercise.