Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my first photo report :)

so finally I am starting my photo reporting of things relating to my weight-loss journey. and it is mostly going to be about the food LOL … because its so fun to talk about food, isn’t it?

so for breakfast today I had a banana because I woke up late and I basically ate it while preparing my lunch.

here was my yummy lunch:


Here is the recipe (its for the salmon only):

Easy Honey Salmon for 2

I tried adding a half a lemon to the orange juice called for in the recipe but I didn’t taste any of the lemon… but I just loved the sauce…I was worried about it being too much of orange in the sauce, but it really works, Mashallah.

I made whole-wheat couscous to go with this, lightly spiced with some curry powder, tumeric, salt and pepper. I also added a shirazi-style salad (diced cucumbers and tomatoes, minced onion, with some salt, pepper, and a dash of olive oil). now, this doesn’t go authentically with shirazi salad, but I threw in some chopped cilantro (or coriander) as well. the bites of salad that ended up touching the orange sauce was soooo good Mashallah.

I have the second piece of salmon that I made in this recipe and couscous waiting in the refrigerator for me for lunch tomorrow and I can’t wait!!!

for dinner I had:


this is Amy’s Black Bean Burrito—a frozen burrito. it is all organic, vegan, and deeeeelicious, Mashallah! I looooove frozen meals by Amy’s. most of them are vegan, but some do have dairy products in their other meals.

I was still wanting more to eat after the burrito so I had an apple.