Thursday, April 16, 2009

still eating good, Alhamdulillah


well, so I’ve been keeping myself busy these days, going out a lot and walking but its more doing activities rather than working out.  I’m still waiting for the ChaLEAN Extreme to arrive.

I’ve been eating really well Alhamdulillah and I just want to kick myself for not doing this earlier…because the healthy foods are actually really really delicious, Mashallah!

yesterday the family got Pizza Hut and my husband and BIL were all “come eat, its a new kind of pizza!”  and I saw the pizza, it looked delicious, but said “no thanks” and went to heat up my whole wheat pasta veggie lasagna.  it wasn’t homemade, just a frozen meal by Amy’s but it is deeeeelicious Mashallah.

I saw this one idea on Oprah and I made them for my final meal tonight:


these are crisp bread open-faced sandwiches.

just take some wholegrain rye crisp bread.. like:


this isn’t the only brand that makes it…  there is also another good one named “Wasa” crisp breads.

anyhoo, by themselves they don’t have much flavor… but then you can top them with whatever you wish… 3 of mine are with a liiiiiiigggghht spread of low-fat mayo and then some yellow mustard…and then 2 of them are with a liggghht spread of Athenos roasted eggplant hummos (their other flavors are yummy too!):


then I topped with slices of smoked turkey breast sandwich meat, tomatoes and some avocado slices, then added a bit of fresh cracked black pepper.

the ones with the mayo/mustard spread--- yummy!

the ones with the eggplant hummus spread—YUMMY!!!!

that thin spread of hummus had an explosion of flavor Mashallah.  it was a delicious and light-filling meal Alhamdulillah.


MuslimahonaDiet said...

oh girl, i am getting so hungry thinking about these yummy snacks... oh and love the new layout, sushi is my favorite i wish i could eat it all the time!

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum,

inshallah you will try the lil open faced sanwiches...they are good and good for you!

jazakallah khair about my new layout--sushi is my FAVORITE food of all! my father is a sushi chef in the US :)

OMG there is nothing like American sushi, NOTHING!!! so much imagination of the sushi chefs Mashallah. not to say authentic Japanese sushi is not good, its just strictly traditional, with deviations frowned upon.

I have been wanting to make some sushi using brown rice but trying to find a substitute for sugar in the vinegar-sugar you mix the rice with. I don't think honey will work with sushi rice.