Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme kicks my butt!

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

well, during my long absence from the blog, I finally got the ChaLEAN Extreme set…  just this morning I completed the first week of the 3 month program.  WOW!! it really kicked my butt! I was getting angry at the screen as I was doing some of the exercises LOL –but I got through all of the workouts with some having to make the moves easier for me but I did them Alhamdulillah!  For the 3 heavy weight-lifting days I did some cardio on the treadmill for around 20-25 minutes. I will slowly up it to over a half an hour for next week inshallah.

today’s workout in particular was soooo challenging on my thighs!!  it was a looooooooooooooot of thigh work and my thighs were burning for hours after the workout LOL.    the second part of the workout is yoga moves to stretch the body but yoga is a workout in itself but it felt good to stretch the muscles out!!

I looked at the calender schedule of workouts for the next 3 months and decided to start the first workout of the week on Fridays because the 2nd day is a rest day.  there is another rest day on the 7th day so by starting Friday, I have Saturdays and Thursdays as my rest days.  for now, because I am just starting out, I will completely let my body rest for those days, but eventually inshallah I will at least do some treadmill walking on those days for extra cardio. 

I have been eating good Alhamdulillah!  I’m still eating Amy’s frozen vegetarian meals when I am lazy and if I go out to eat lunch with a friend, for instance, I always choose a 6” whole wheat turkey sandwich from Subways.  tomorrow though, a friend and I are going to a restaurant named “Wagamama” so we will see what they have to offer that I can have.  it is a Japanese restaurant specializing in noodle dishes so I am hoping they have soba noodles (which are made with buckwheat) inshallah!

I haven’t really been taking pictures because I have been extra lazy but I did get some pictures from yesterday.

for lunch, I first had a bowl of brown rice with some broiled smokes salmon, and then a green tea packet called “Chazuke” which is a green tea broth powder you sprinkle on rice, and then add hot water.  so its like a green tea soup with rice.  too bad I didnt’ take a picture but it was delicious!!

  then I later had Philadelphia sushi rolls which I made with brown rice and the filling for the roll is smoked salmon, light cream cheese (they didn’t have fat free at the store-next time inshallah!), and cucumbers. I bought a small packet of a portion of smoked Kind Salmon fillet and the day before I made the same Philly roll by leaving the smoked salmon raw, but because I opened the package and it was the next day, I broiled the rest of the fillet.  it was just as delicious with cooked smoked salmon, Alhamdulillah!



ha ha ha this is so embarrassing to show the picture of my roll because my father is a sushi chef in the US…   and yet I cannot roll sushi very well LOL


for dinner my husband wanted to get food from a place called Sumo Sushi and we really wanted to try a roll that had shrimp tempura and then topped with sweet chili sauce and then teriyaki sauce.  so because this roll is not exactly a dieter’s friend, I did extra good with my meal and ordered a sashimi platter without rice.  I was going to eat it with leftover brown rice from lunch, but it was gone so I went rice-less. 

I had two pieces of the shrimp tempura roll and my husbad at 4 so I didn’t do too bad.  oh yeah.. I did eat a few bites of my husband’s teriyaki chicken dinner too…   just to get a taste.


YUMMMMM!!  but next time if I decide to bring home sashimi I will make brown rice inshallah!  its just best to eat with a bowl of rice.


MuslimahonaDiet said...

hum, yummy i love sushi!!!!