Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hunger!!

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I have noticed an increase in hunger over the last few days and I am pretty sure it is due to the weight-lifting.   I wasn’t this hungry all the time before I was doing the ChaLEAN Extreme.  I suppose part of it is due to how healthy I have been eating, but I literally feel hungry around 2-3 hours after I eat.  before changing to this healthier lifestyle, I was pigging out so much all the time I was often eating my meals when I wasn’t even hungry.  I am going to bed now and I ate a good portion of  whole-wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce a couple of hours ago but I am already hungry again.  I am tempted to go eat something but I will just instead wake up a bit early and eat before my workout tomorrow inshallah.

I have been wanting to make vegetarian dumplings with whole-wheat wonton skins but they do not have whole-wheat wontons here in Dubai (or at least I can’t find any)—I have made them home-made before, but it is a PAIN trying to roll the dough out really thin and then cutting out all of the wonton circles.  So I have been on the search for a pasta roller and I just couldn’t find one.  I was contemplating buying one from the US but they are not light so the shipping would be expensive. 

Well, I was out with my friend Saimah on Thursday and we were at this one store and we were looking for plastic pitchers for her and on one shelf…she spotted a pasta roller!!  I was really happy because it is made in Italy (as opposed  to China) and so I purchased it right away.  it cost about $41.50.  the brand is named Marcato. I had never heard of that brand before and was really hoping I would be able to find one made by Atlas.

Well, lo and behold I looked up the Mercato 150 model of the one I got and it turns out it is the Atlas 150…they are the same company!! woo!!  the same one I got here in Dubai is selling on  for $77.99 so I got a really good deal Alhamdulillah! 

So sometime this week I will be making the dumplings and I will post the recipe link and pics.


MuslimahonaDiet said...

yes twizzle, lifting will make you hungry, try having a post workout snack to help curb the hunger! other than that, it is a good sign, it means that whatever you are doing, it is working.