Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme Week 3 complete!


as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

  well, I have been keeping myself really busy and its all because of the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts.  I finished week 3 this morning Alhamdulillah!!  while I don’t see the changes in the mirror yet, I definitely am getting stronger because in the first two weeks, there is a cardio exercise on the last day of the week that I couldn’t complete all of the modified (meaning easier) moves.  but today I was able to complete them all Alhamdulillah!!

   I wrote to the people at (the ones who sell the ChaLEAN Extreme program) to first make sure at my weight if they thought I was ok doing this program.  there are two cardio/muscle endurance workouts to do during the week and they told me to repeat those on my off days to facilitate weight-loss.  the problem is if I have to repeat a workout too many times I will get bored of it real quick so I have instead been doing treadmill walking after the 3 weight-lifting days instead. 

   during week 1 I only walked for around 25 minutes each time but during the last two weeks I have been doing an audio program called “Cardio Coach”(I will say CC from now).  here is their website:

Cardio Coach

  they are having a super sale right now too!! woo!!  I paid $14.95 for the mp3 downloads back then so the sale price is AWESOME Mashallah!  I am going to order the rest of the workouts now because I don’t want to miss these prices and I just love the motivation CC gives me.    

  for any of you doing cardio workouts, I highly recommend you try CC.  it doesn’t matter if you simply walk/jog, use an elliptical, or a stepper, or a treadmill—you change the settings yourself for each challenge given that will get you into the different “zones” the coach wants you in.  so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced because you simply use the settings that are for your level of fitness. 

   there is a free download from another blog if you want to check it out… the audio is lower quality and it is a longer and harder workout since it is volume 6.  so for any of you interested, I will post the link and you can check it out inshallah.  and then you can purchase the others if you wish! lets see…. lemme get that link for you:

Cardio Coach 6 Free Download

   it is the zip file (the 2nd link she posted) as the first link is the one to the original download site that is no longer available. 

…OMG I just saw the comment section of that and I commented on it!!  on March 11th of 2007!! I purchased volume 1 after I listened to this free download and then later bought volumes 2-4.   I was doing the CC workouts (not #6 though as it was too hard still) using an elliptical machine in 2007.  I was doing really good too for a couple of months…but as usual, I stopped after whatever I was losing weight for was over.  so I am back starting with CC #1 again.  this time it is with a treadmill though since my elliptical machine broke.

  this time I am workout out and eating healthier and I have no pressure to lose weight for a specific event…and I feel like this time I will really be successful inshallah!!